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Ines Epari

Ines Epari Team Leader

Ines is an Environmental Engineer with over 12 years of experience in hydrological modelling. Ines grew up in Germany and studied Environmental Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, one of Europe’s best technical universities.  Ines had her first encounter with Australia whilst completing her Master’s degree, when she was investigating soil salinization in a rural New South Wales irrigation area. After finishing her Master’s, Ines worked for a small consultancy specialised in numerical modelling for groundwater and surface water in Zurich, where she successfully delivered projects for industry and government. Later she worked for the Swiss Federal Institute for Meteorology and Climatology and was involved in several climate change related projects.

Life took a sudden turn when Ines followed her Australian partner to live with him in Brisbane. She joined Waste Solutions Australia (now Pacific Environment) in 2011. Since then, she has worked on a number of groundwater modelling projects, groundwater related EIS reviews including expert witness support, data visualisation and soil moisture modelling for alternative landfill capping projects. Her numerical modelling expertise is currently expanding into waste water and irrigation management modelling.

Ines’ love for numbers is balanced with an active lifestyle with her family in the sunny Australian climate. Her son just started kicking the soccer ball – time will tell whether he will play for the German or the Australian team.