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Paul Smith

Paul Smith General Manager - QLD

During his 40 years as a professional Hydrogeologist and Environmental Scientist, Paul Smith has worked in environments  ranging from the Kalahari Thirstland where rain seldom reaches the ground to the jungles of West Irian where the dry season is defined as the months where it only rains in the afternoon (every afternoon).

Paul enjoys the everyday challenges of solving the technical issues that  arise from  working in diverse  industries. They have included the assessment of the impacts of liquid storages and discharges from many of the large existing power stations in Queensland. He brings innovative approaches and solutions to the issues he faces in mining, agriculture, industrial development, training and defence.

Paul is particularly interested in technology transfer. He has been on “People to People” hydrogeology knowledge sharing visits to China and Russia. He has been a visiting presenter on modern trends in waste management in the Philippines. He has presented training seminars in groundwater for IWES and contributed components to other IWES courses in contaminated land and Coal Seam Gas water management. He was appointed an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Environmental Engineering Griffith University in recognition of his role in building bridges between academia and industry while he was Queensland President of the Waste Management Association of Australia.

After running his own business for 25 years, Paul sold his business to Pacific Environment in 2014. Waste  Solutions Australia staff brought to Pacific Environment expertise in groundwater, contaminated land, solid waste management and landfill gas which has greatly enhanced the Company’s service offering.