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Anthony Richard

Anthony Richard Environmental Consultant

Not afraid to get dirty, Anthony Richard has worked as an Environmental Consultant with DLA Environmental Services since November 2011. Over three years’ experience working as a contaminated land consultant and an additional six years’ experience in environmental education Anthony prides himself on being able to communicate complex environmental issues in a way that non environmental professionals are able to understand.

Being involved with both large and small scale assessment and remediation projects Anthony has worked alongside a diverse group of stakeholders and clients to bring about the best possible outcomes for the project in question. Over his three years with DLA Anthony he has gained a great deal of experience in contaminated land consulting with a particular focus on the assessment and remediation of asbestos impacted soils, he is a licensed asbestos assessor and an experienced source of information in the office  when questions are asked about asbestos assessment and quantification. Notably, Anthony has been involved in the assessment of both large scale housing estate redevelopments and greenfield developments with ongoing work in both south western and north western sydney growth areas.

Environmental awareness is important to him professionally and personally, he enjoys knowing when people have found out something new and interesting about a field he has enjoyed being involved in for 15 years. Sustainability, Environmental Management and Environmental Education were his chosen fields of study and he is a member of both the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists and the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand.