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Geordie Galvin

Geordie Galvin Principal Environmental Engineer

Geordie has over 15 years’ experience in air quality assessment and is experienced in each aspect of the air quality assessment process from monitoring through to dispersion modelling and interpretation of the data. He has completed numerous projects involving abattoirs, landfills, refineries, ethanol plants, boat repair and manufacturing operations, rendering plants, chicken farms, piggeries, cattle feedlots and wastewater treatment plants.

He has consulted to local government and state government agencies throughout Australia and to universities in the United States including the University of Nebraska and West Texas A & M. Geordie has also given numerous invited workshop presentations in Australian and overseas on air quality sampling, analysis and assessment.

In addition to consulting work, Geordie has acted as an expert witness for numerous court cases in Australia and New Zealand.

Geordie is also currently the chair of the odour special interest group within the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand.