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Jon Mansfield

Jon Mansfield Environmental Consultant

As an Environmental Consultant at DLA Environmental Services Jon Mansfield facilitates sustainable outcomes for clients, contractors and the environment in industrial, commercial and residential settings. Professionally, Jon has been employed in a variety of backgrounds, from monitoring of Waste Facilities, UPSS  and On-Site Wastewater Management Systems to facilitating the remediation and validation of future State Significant Development and Infrastructure sites.

Throughout  his  undergraduate education  Jon  has  been  accredited  with  a  number  of  leadership  roles  in  environmental  programs including as group leader of the 2014 Community Outreach Program, West Timor.  This involved coordinating a number of projects in a rural community with minimal guidance.  These included the implementation of a water treatment system, education on sanitation and the construction of a library and hall for the community.

Further recent achievements include group leader of the UON capstone Environmental Management program investigating the feasibility of a major aquaculture project in the Port Stephens region.  This involved assessing the DPI NSW Fisheries planned Marine Aquaculture Research Lease and determining amendments required in their planning application.

Personally, Jon has a passion for strong sustainability.  This has led him to actively participate in community and mentor roles in student services and I-lead programs, Figtree Community Garden, Trees in Newcastle and The Beanstalk organic food cooperative.  He has a passion for soccer, camping and golf and finds most of his time on weekends being spent outdoors.