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Madeleine Wilson

Madeleine Wilson Environmental Engineer

Madeleine Wilson began working with Pacific Environment  as a student in July 2010 and started full time  as an engineer in February 2012 after completing a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Queensland. Madeleine also completed an industry based final year thesis with Pacific Environment which involved assessing the misting spray control efficiency on coal dust through theoretical and on-site modelling analysis.

Since joining Pacific Environment Madeleine has been able to assist the principle engineers in a range of projects that include preparing emissions inventories, meteorological and dispersion models, air quality assessments, literature reviews and field sampling and monitoring campaigns. Madeleine has also worked on several projects that have required the use of Pacific Environment’s in-house emissions estimation software, EnviroSuite. Madeleine also has experience using the mapping software Arc GIS and Surfer.

Madeleine is currently working on a number of air quality assessments for poultry farms in both Queensland and New South Wales. She is also completing reverse amenity assessments for the construction of high-rise residential buildings in the South Brisbane and West End suburbs of Brisbane.

In addition to her consulting work, Madeleine enjoys travelling and visiting new and exciting places. To date, Madeleine has visited over 40 countries and is hoping to go back and explore these some more or travel to new places in the near future.