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Matthew Junghans

Matthew Junghans Environmental Consultant

Matthew Junghans is an Environmental Consultant and is a recent graduate and who has also worked as a laboratory technician. He is a young, ambitious and strives to learn and achieve. Through the conceptual skills he has learnt at university completing his Bachelors of Science in Geochemistry and his practical knowledge learnt as a lab technicial, laying the solid foundations for an aspiring Environmental Consultant.

At university Matthew was involved in a capstone project, that involved the synthesis of novel iron arsenates for the potential purpose of remediating arsenic from a derelict mine site in Sunny Corner in the NSW Blue Mountains. This project allowed him to experience a range of tasks from field work to laboratory work and reporting.

Matthew in all aspects of life likes to involve himself with new challenges and experiences. He is an adventurous person who likes to go outside and go camping or exploring landscapes that make up our world. He also likes to stay fit and healthy which includes  going to the gym and jogs regularly. He also enjoys fossicking and is currently finding many sapphires/spinels in ancient river systems in Oberon in the Blue Mountains.

Matthew is currently learning all aspects of work at DLA mainly including field work and reporting. He is learning a great range of skills including soil and groundwater sampling and site assessments and reporting.