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The Challenge

A historical pesticide spill caused chemical contamination to an approximate 2km stretch of a creek ecosystem and surrounding floodplain area.

The contaminated area required total decontamination/ remediation/ restoration and validation of the contaminated sections of the Creek, riparian zone and surrounding floodplain areas.

The objective of the remediation was to ensure the creek and adjacent riparain areas were rehabilitated to the satisfaction of the local environmental authorities and heritage offices amongst others. The site’s requirements needed it  be suitable for future use without posing any unacceptable risks to human health or the environment.

The Solution

Pacific Environment provided an extensive initial assessment which progressed to the  development of an Auditor-approved remediation. This included a direct action plan, direction, supervision and validation of all remediation works.

We are currently working with local and metropolitan-based civil contractors, ecology and heritage consultants, traditional land owners, NATA-accredited laboratories to ensure a best-practice solution.

The Results

Project was budgeted at $4.5M. DLA delivered remediation for $2.5M ($2M under budget), 4 months ahead of schedule.