Real-time dust management solution with EnviroSuite 

Pacific Environment’s air quality expertise paves way for our cost-effective dust monitoring solution.

Our client operates a mineral sand operation south of the Perth metropolitan area. The operations consist of numerous shallow pits over an area of about 1,400 hectares.  Our client is operating close to many sensitive receptors and therefore must meet very strict environmental conditions, especially when it comes to dust. 

On the strength of our past support and success, our client requested Pacific Environment to not only assist their operations to remain compliant to the stringent conditions but to also show them leading environmental and operational management in practice.

The Challenge

Given the complexities of the project arising from the large area being mined, the highly dynamic mining operation and the strict environmental requirements to be met, Pacific Environment designed an innovative solution to ensure that all expectations are not only achieved in terms of compliance, but exceeded. Our solution consists of several self-contained mobile monitoring stations, equipped with solar power, allowing the monitors to be quickly positioned relative to the mining operation and key receptors. The specific design to meet our client’s need included:

The Solution

  • A trailer mounted, solar powered BAM unit. This unit has two key advantages for our client in that it can be easily transported to align with the changing mine operation, and it comes with its own power source, doing away with the often time consuming and expensive process of accessing mains power; and
  • Four trailer mounted, solar powered nephelometer units. Again, key advantages here for the client are the rapid and easy deployment of these around the operations ensuring a comprehensive and effective boundary monitoring network. Each unit is also fitted with an inlet heater, being essential to reduce spurious readings associated with high moisture (a common issue with nepholometers), wind speed/direction sensors and 4G telemetry.


Of course having the monitors in place is only part of the solution. To be a leading dust management system, the client needs access to the monitoring data in real-time, with access to analysis tools, so that current information can be used in the decision making process. With this access, proactive decisions can be made to avert or mitigate a dust event before compliance standards are breached or complaints are received.


Our client has chosen the Pacific Environment software EnviroSuite as the platform to support their needs. To ensure that they exceed all community and regulator expectations our client has opted for the following components of EnviroSuite:

  • Meteorological forecast and dust risk rating: this EnviroSuite component forecasts the meteorological conditions for the next few days and then combines it with an atmospheric dispersion model to determine the potential dust risk on nearby sensitive receptors. This allows the client to be proactive in their dust management by undertaking dust abatement before an event occurs.
  • Monitoring: This EnviroSuite component analyses the ambient monitoring data from the network of mobile stations, -and sends out SMS and email alerts when trigger levels are exceeded.  The system takes into account both upwind and downwind data to ensure that false alerts are minimised.
  • Reporting:  To ensure that dust management remains at the forefront of their operations. the monitored data from the previous day is automatically analysed and reported to the client.  The report includes daily concentrations and hourly pollution roses for each station.
  • Web display:  All the monitoring data is presented on a secure web page along with arcs of influence, highlighting the areas contributing to the monitored dust levels.  Through this web page the client can also access all their data, as well as generating multiple reports to suit their needs (eg daily, monthly or annual summaries).

The Result

Collectively, all these components give our client a world-leading practice dust monitoring and management system that exceeds both community and regulatory expectations.

Not only does this improve the community perception of the client, it will also allow them to save on extra costs and maximise operational efficiency by always being prepared for the next step with EnviroSuite’s predictive technology.