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Pacific-Environment-Agribusiness  Agribusiness

Managing environmental compliance for production yield

Agribusiness, a rich and diverse sector poised as the new growth area for Australia, comprises primary production, processing, manufacturing and wholesaling of food and fibre.

The sector has a proven track record of development and innovation in primary production leading to increased productivity and sustainability.

Output from this sector is heavily reliant on weather and climate, water, safe use of chemicals, and increasingly, smart technologies. Enterprises are increasingly mindful of the importance of community relationships and the potential impacts of their operations e.g. odour, aerial spraying, urban encroachment and resource allocation. With long range predictive weather analysis, odour management and ground water analysis; our solutions assist clients in managing their environmental compliance while maximising their production yield.

Our services include:

  • Odour, dust and noise assessments, including reverse amenity assessments
  • Surface and groundwater management
  • Ecological and human health risk assessments
  • Environmental monitoring and management plans and systems
  • Customised weather forecasting
  • Chemical registration of  ag-vet chemicals for NICNAS