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Addressing environmental impact and performance of infrastructure assets

There is considerable focus on investing in infrastructure for tomorrow to stimulate and enhance economic productivity.

Population growth not only imposes additional challenges for the property industry, it creates demand for utilities and puts aging infrastructure to the test.

We recognise the importance of apportioning environment risk and performance with many significant infrastructure projects made possible with a combination of public and private funding. Life cycle considerations are an aspect we also take seriously, as clients operating in the infrastructure sectors are under increasing pressure to ultimately keep their customers costs down while maintaining high environmental performance standards.

Pacific Environment are currently strategic advisors to a major transport project for air quality. Click above to view our case study.

Linear Infrastructure, Ports and Airports

Our services for the transport sector spans roads and tunnels, ports and shipping, railways and airports, and includes:

  • Surface and groundwater monitoring and management
  • Air quality and noise monitoring and assessment
  • Ecological and human health risk assessment
  • Environmental monitoring and management plans and systems
  • Customised weather forecasting
  • Policy support

Our team brings a wealth of experience from state, national and international projects and working groups. They use state-of-the-science models and analytical tools to support our assessments. We are also experienced in dealing with community concerns and noise solution design.

Waste and Wastewater

The many innovations applied at waste and wastewater facilities have helped improve confidence in impact assessments, better target management measures, design controls, and ensure better relations between operators and their neighbours.

Identifying the source of frequent problems is aided with our EnviroSuite technology. By streamlining the logging and management of complaints, Envirosuite helps identify likely issues, such as odour within minutes of a complaint being received.

Our key services in the waste and wastewater sectors include:

  • Landfill gas extraction system design and management
  • Leachate,  surface and groundwater monitoring and management
  • Odour, air quality and noise monitoring and assessment
  • Odour, GHG and dust mitigation strategies
  • Expert witness services
  • On-line NPI and NGER reporting
  • Real-time and predictive environmental  management