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Maximising development potential of sites

Population growth is seeing metropolitan boundaries stretched, creating employment, education and recreation opportunities in close proximity critical to future sustainability.

Many of the world’s developing economies have aging populations which is generating greater demand for aged-care, health and related retail services.

Density per capita is on the rise in most major capital cities spurring the rejuvenation of many brownfield properties on city fringes. Many of these sites hold inherent environmental risks from their past use and through neglect or being underutilised. This often means unquantifiable uncertainty associated with environmental remediation.

The world over, population growth has seen an increased demand for land suitable for both residential and industrial development. This has seen use conflicts both in terms of the environment issues associated with brownfield sites, or alternatively, impacts associated with existing industry near existing sites. Examples may include the remediation and redevelopment of a former industrial site for residential uses, or a reverse amenity assessment where air emissions from an existing industrial use has the potential to restrict development on a neighbouring site.

We have considerable experience in both remediation of brownfield sites as well as reverse amenity assessments for proposed developments adjacent to conflict land uses.

Growing communities in turn lead to the need for supporting infrastructure development both utility services as well as access to improved transport systems

Our solutions include:

  • Contaminated land assessment
  • Site remediation and validation
  • Geohydrological investigations and analysis
  • On and offsite materials testing
  • Environmental and occupational hygiene monitoring