We are pleased to announce that it we have signed new contracts for the supply of EnviroSuite to three neighbouring coal mines located in New South Wales.

These new contracts further extend the client base of EnviroSuite and underpin its position as the leading pro-active environmental management system for the management of air quality issues. EnviroSuite will enable the mine operators to meet requirements of Project Approval Conditions, imposed by the NSW Government Department of Planning and Environment, which explicitly requires (amongst other conditions) the mines to:

“operate a comprehensive air quality management system on site that uses a combination of predictive meteorological forecasting, predictive and real time air dispersion modelling and real-time air quality monitoring data to guide the day to day planning of mining operations and implementation of both proactive and reactive air quality mitigation measures to ensure compliance with the relevant conditions of this approval”

As well as meeting environmental compliance requirements, EnviroSuite will enable the mining operators to optimise planned activities, by:

  • using forecast and real-time weather and air quality information to make better informed mine planning decisions
  • assessing alternative operating scenarios for periods of unfavourable weather so operations can continue, where possible, whilst eliminating impacts
  • managing the use of resources such as water, fuel and dust suppressants
  • scheduling equipment maintenance and staff training when conditions enforce shutdown
  • automatically alerting operators as conditions change throughout a shift, enabling rapid responses to emerging problem

Under the contracts, the clients will have access to the EnviroSuite modules for:

Modelling – forecast and real-time weather and air quality to inform day to day planning of operations

Monitoring – weather and air quality analysis to inform rapid response to changing circumstances

Blast Management – risk management assessments to plan the most appropriate time to conduct blasting

Incident Investigation – complaints monitoring and management for community engagement

Commenting on these new contracts, Peter White, CEO, said:

“We are pleased to welcome these new clients to the EnviroSuite platform and we are particularly pleased to see EnviroSuite being used by multiple clients in the same area to manage their cumulative impacts on the surrounding environment while also improving efficiencies across their operations through better planning, co-ordination and dynamic operational management

These new contracts also demonstrate that we are maintaining our position as the preferred supplier of pro-active environmental management software in Australia, while we push into international markets.”


About EnviroSuite

At a time when organisations worldwide are under continual pressure to improve operational margins there is continual pressure from government and communities for better environmental performance. Grounded in years of scientific research EnviroSuite provides a unique solution to both of these issues. Via operational monitoring and real-time alerts EnviroSuite enables organisations to avoid costly and damaging environmental incidents. EnviroSuite’s predictive capabilities also allows planners a 72 hour window to optimise their operations.

There is global demand for this solution across multiple industry sectors including ports, waste water, resources, hospital, government, and heavy industry.

EnviroSuite is a winner of the 2015 Australian Technologies Competition.