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2016 was a fantastic year for Pacific Environment’s involvement in the Energy sector. Here is an update of some of our key projects and studies.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say that we look forward to working with you in 2017!

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The Pacific Environment Team

Environmental Assessment for Proposed Energy from Waste Facility at Eastern Creek (NSW)

Pacific Environment were engaged by a NSW based power generation company to complete a local air quality and greenhouse gas, a regional ozone, an odour and noise assessments for the proposed Energy from Waste (EfW) facility at Eastern Creek.

This development site is part of a proposal to construct and operate NSW’s largest EfW facility using residual waste as fuel which would otherwise be landfilled, to allow for a “green” electricity generation facility. The facility will be fueled by non-recyclable combustible waste material and will have a design capacity to process up to 1,350,000 tonnes of residual waste material per annum.


The regional ozone impact assessment was the first project to be evaluated under the NSW EPA’s Tiered Procedure for Estimating Ground Level Ozone Impacts from Stationary Sources. In view of this, extensive consultation with NSW EPA and CSIRO was required.

The modelling and assessment were peer reviewed by CSIRO with predictions considered acceptable as the model was able to reproduce key features of the ozone time series.

Compliance Noise Assessment for a Wind Farm in Vanuatu

Pacific Environment completed a compliance noise assessment for the operation of a Wind Farm in Vanuatu. This was a result of complaints from local residents, particularly in relation to two recently installed wind turbines to the east of the wind farm.

There is no current in-force noise policy guiding the operation of wind farms in Vanuatu. As a result, we completed the assessment with reference to Australian guidance.

Pacific Environment traveled to Vanuatu to install long-term noise loggers and complete attended noise measurements to measure site noise and identify if low frequency noise was a factor of the site. We processed the monitoring data and completed a wind farm compliance noise assessment with regard to the Draft NSW Planning Guidelines on Wind Farms (DPI, 2011).

The document was developed to assess whether the wind turbines were operating within the recommended noise limits for nearest receivers, and to give the operators confidence in their operations and effectively manage their operational capability.

Assistance with Regulatory Reporting (NPI and NGER) for Oil and Gas Facilities and Electricity Generators

Pacific Environment provided assistance with National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) and/or National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) to a number of oil and gas facilities’ operators and power stations’ operators across Australia.

These facilities include the APLNG facilities in Queensland operated by two major energy providers integrated gas operations for all unconventional and conventional assets, another major providers upstream and LNG operations across Queensland, and over 45 power stations across Australia that use landfill gas, diesel, natural gas and coal mine gas to generate electricity.

This work typically involves the development of reporting databases in spreadsheet format, assistance with data collection and analysis and the calculation of energy and emissions estimates required for submission to the relevant regulatory authorities. Assistance with the preparation of internal reporting procedures was also provided for certain facilities outlining methodologies used and identifying roles and responsibilities within the organisation.


EnviroSuite technology exhibited at APPEA 2016

On June 5-8, Air Quality Practice Leader Bethany Warren attended the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) 2016 Conference in Brisbane.

Bethany showcased EnviroSuite in interactive live demos throughout the conference’s duration at Pacific Environment’s booth.
Live demos presented at APPEA highlighted the benefits of EnviroSuite’s application in the Oil & Gas Industry and how it can help make them more efficient in handling environmental issues at the operational level. Our team received very enthusiastic responses from key Executives in the Australian Oil & Gas Industry as well as a large number of Conference Attendees including those in Operational, Administration and Corporate positions.

Pacific Environment Limited changes name to EnviroSuite Limited

In December 2016,  Pacific Environment Limited announced a re-branding of the public company to a new name, EnviroSuite Limited. The new company name, EnviroSuite (ASX:EVS), is an extension of the organisation’s key product offering; an environmental monitoring and analytical software as a service distributed under the same name.

In light of the name change, all Australasian operations of EnviroSuite Limited will continue to operate under the name ‘Pacific Environment’ with little change to current branding.