We are pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement for the deployment of EnviroSuite at two key sites at Thames Water.

Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and wastewater services company with 15 million customers. The initial contract is for one year, with an option to significantly extend both the term and number of client sites.

World-leading Innovator in Wastewater Treatment

Thames Water aspires to have as little impact on the surrounding community as possible and expects to move beyond the traditional approaches for managing environmental issues by implementing a system that interprets operational and environmental data in real-time enabling facility operators to drive improved performance.

Thames Water are well known for developing innovative approaches to anticipate problems and plan for the future.

This new contract extends EnviroSuite’s service to the wastewater sector, an industry that has over 100,000 public wastewater facilities globally. This project has the potential to set the benchmark of environmental management technology in the wastewater industry, and adding this new sector doubles the size of the global addressable market for EnviroSuite.

Odournet partnership paves the way

We regard this win as a major step in the global growth plans for the solution. The award of the contract after a competitive bid is a very successful outcome from our collaborative partnership with Odournet, a global leader in odour science.

The Odournet UK office has a long term relationship with the client and introduced EnviroSuite to this opportunity. The win also confirms the wide applicability of the solution to different industry sectors and geographical markets.

EnviroSuite Secures Thames Water as a Client

A mock up of the combination of Odour and Water Modules being used in the context of a wastewater treatment plant similar to Thames Water. 

Decision support tool for Thames Water

EnviroSuite will be used as a decision support tool to improve operational management and will enable the facilities to more efficiently manage environmental issues by providing:

  • Forecasting and early warning of high risk periods
  • Real-time diagnosis of odour impacts
  • Instant diagnosis of the source of community complaint.
  • Real-time analysis and response to environmental incidents
  • Alerting and diagnosis of process upsets

EnviroSuite Modules for Thames Water

Under the contract, the client will have access to the following EnviroSuite modules:

Modelling – forecast and real-time modelling of weather and air quality to inform day to day management of operations

Monitoring – weather and indicators of odour risk to facilitate rapid analysis and response

Incident Investigation – analysis of complaints and peak events for accurate and objective management of off-site impacts

Comments from Pacific Environment CEO

Commenting on the trial, Chief Executive Officer, Peter White, said:

This win validates our strategy of overseas expansion by appointing distributors and shows the value of EnviroSuite across multiple sectors. We were selected as the preferred vendor after a rigorous competitive tender process and worldwide search for an appropriate decision support tool. Successful implementation at these two facilities has the potential for significant further expansion with this and other water services in the UK and Europe.

This opportunity was identified as a result of our collaboration with Odournet. Odournet will be a sub-contractor providing expertise in establishing the odour monitoring, modelling and management components.

We intend to use this cornerstone client to build our business in the water services sector in the UK and Europe. Chaim Kolominskas, Business Development Manager, was key to securing this deal. We will be looking at establishing a permanent office in the UK in due course. The Board and management believe this is a very strategic win for the company.”

About EnviroSuite

At a time when organisations worldwide are under continual pressure to improve operational margins there is building pressure from governments and communities alike for better environmental performance. EnviroSuite provides a unique solution to both of these issues across multiple industries. By using real-time operational monitoring and instantaneous alerts EnviroSuite enables organisations to avoid costly and damaging environmental incidents.

At the same time EnviroSuite’s predictive capabilities allows planners up to a 72- hour outlook in which to optimise their operational efficiencies. Grounded in years of scientific research and innovative practical projects EnviroSuite enables these organisations a social and corporate licence to operate.

There is global demand for this solution across multiple industry sectors including ports, waste water, resources, hospital, government, and heavy industry.

Take a look at EnviroSuite’s new Water module, here.

EnviroSuite is a winner of the 2015 Australian Technologies Competition.