Investor Focus - November 2016


Dear Shareholder,

Welcome to the November 2016 edition of Investor Focus. The year is fast nearing an end, the AGM has been and gone, and some big milestones have been reached for Pacific Environment, including a name change approval. We are very pleased to say that more institutional investors have been added to our register recently after a successful capital raise that will be used to propel EnviroSuite sales and market reach internationally, as well as continue with select product developments that have market relevance.

Our consulting group is performing strongly thanks to the efforts of a great team, and significant synergies are now apparent between consulting and EnviroSuite, consistent with the Vertical Stack model being applied to marketing and sales. This model takes advantage of the fact that our EnviroSuite SaaS offering in many cases attracts associated opportunities for consulting engagements – an attractive proposition for both our internal team and external partners, such as US-based HDR Inc. We are excited by the many new opportunities opening to us both here, and internationally, as a result of targeted efforts through the year.

Robin Ormerod
Founder & Managing Director



Name Change to EnviroSuite going through

After an overwhelming vote by shareholders at the AGM, Pacific Environment Limited’s overarching company name will change to EnviroSuite Limited. The Australasian consulting business unit will continue to operate as ‘Pacific Environment’ with branding and service offerings to continue as usual. However, as our international efforts gather pace with only a focus on EnviroSuite, our current corporate name does not have the resonance or relevance in other parts of the world as it does here, where it is a well-regarded brand.

The change of name involves some steps around legal and branding issues that have begun and the market will be advised when the change has been formalised.

Video of EnviroSuite at World Water Congress released

We have released a video of our time at the IWA World Water Congress in Brisbane where EnviroSuite’s real-time monitoring and forecasting capabilities in Water and Odour were shown to an international audience. Attending the IWA World Water Congress for EnviroSuite were Managing Director Robin Ormerod, General Manager – Australasia Adrian Zammit and Odournet Founder Ton van Harreveld.


Adrian Zammit presenting EnviroSuite at VietWater

Adrian Zammit (General Manager – Australasia) is continuing to spread the word about EnviroSuite’s capabilities in both Odour and Water at the VietWater conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. VietWater provides a platform for international members of the Water industry to exhibit solutions for various industrial segments including water supply and wastewater treatment in South East Asia.

Recently, there has been extensive involvement of the World Bank in Vietnam due to rapid commercial development occurring close to regional water supplies. This has provided an ideal opportunity for water efficiency technologies such as EnviroSuite’s Water Module to be implemented in order to benefit large scale operations and communities by providing transparency of water quality impact.

Damon Roddis speaking at WMAA Conference

Damon Roddis, National Practice Leader – Air, spoke at the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA)’s National Energy from Waste Conference on 25-27 October in Sydney. The title of his presentation was ‘Greenhouse and other air emissions from Energy from Waste Projects: A case study”.

In his presentation, Damon highlighted a recent case study involving the technical assessment of the largest Energy from Waste project currently proposed in NSW. He provided an overview of the Best Available Technology flue gas treatment system as well as a summary of the greenhouse gas footprint of the project. Energy from Waste is an emerging sector in NSW and WA as these novel technologies are introduced to the Australian market from Europe and the US. It is anticipated that Energy from Waste will become a key part of future waste management in Australia as we strive to reduce the amount of material that is landfilled.


EnviroSuite team at HDR Internal conference

 Managing Director (Robin Ormerod), General Manager – Americas (Matt Scholl) and Business Development Manager – USA (Sharon Paterson) attended HDR’s Internal Conference “Good Company” in Omaha, Nebraska.

The team presented EnviroSuite’s capabilities as a tool to aid in winning more projects across a greater set of consulting opportunities in front of approximately 800 of HDR’s senior staff members from many of the company’s 225 offices. EnviroSuite was under the spotlight on the main stage during the Technology focus session, including a pitch by senior HDR champions to their internal audience, and a Shark Tank session for our MD.

Just as the conference theme was about HDR as a “Good Company”, EnviroSuite was highlighted as a means of helping their clients be “Good Neighbours”.

Matt Scholl speaking at American Exploration and Mining Association (AEMA) 2016 Annual Meeting

General Manager – Matt Scholl will be presenting at the American Exploration and Mining Association (AEMA) 2016 in Reno, Nevada next month.

The title of Matt’s presentation is ‘Improve operational performance and manage environmental risks with innovative software – EnviroSuite’. The presentation will showcase how mining operators can make better planning decisions and improve efficiency while addressing environmental concerns with the support of information provided by EnviroSuite. We anticipate interest from the audience regarding EnviroSuite’s application in mining using recent case studies as examples. EnviroSuite is currently implemented at BHP Billiton, Vale, Rio Tinto and Anglo-American mining operations internationally.


Chaim Kolominskas presenting EnviroSuite WWEM and AquaEnviro conferences in England

This month EnviroSuite General Manager – Europe, Chaim Kolominskas, will be presenting EnviroSuite at both the IWA Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring Conference (WWEM) in Telford and the Aqua Enviro Emissions and Odour Control Conference in Leeds, England.

Chaim will be highlighting recent EnviroSuite case studies in Wastewater treatment in his presentation to a highly relevant audience of European Wastewater and Environmental professionals.

EnviroSuite to be exhibited at Pollutec in France with Odournet

EnviroSuite’s capabilities in Odour and Incident Intelligence will be exhibited by European Partners, Odournet, at a large booth at the Pollutec conference in Lyon, France from November 29 – December 2.  Pollutec is an international exhibition of environmental equipment technologies and services. Sectors included are Water, Wastewater, Meteorology and Automation.

A separate business forum will also be held with current Odournet clients and potential EnviroSuite clients during Pollutec with the goal of highlighting EnviroSuite’s capabilities in Incident Intelligence and Community Engagement. Due to French environmental regulations concerning the community, we expect there will be a large interest in EnviroSuite’s Incident Intelligence & Community Engagement module.

New White Paper Released

General Manager – Europe, Chaim Kolominskas has authored a white paper entitled ‘Turning Environmental Issues into Operational Costs’ in an effort to showcase the benefits to the Wastewater industry in using EnviroSuite’s ground-breaking capabilities in Odour Management. The white paper focuses on two recent EnviroSuite case studies and highlights the opportunity to lower risk of community impact from offensive odour and drastically shorten investigation time of incidents. Cost-benefit analyses have been done recently to demonstrate significant financial benefits when EnviroSuite is installed at wastewater facilities.

You can access the white paper here.

Odour challenges in the wastewater industry

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