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Welcome to our latest Investor Update. From the list of items below you will see that the team is active in promoting EnviroSuite and our impressive scientific capabilities to some key international audiences. As we work toward establishing regular operations in the American and European markets, we continue to receive enthusiastic responses about the ability of EnviroSuite to deliver major improvements in decision-making, data management, operational efficiency and stakeholder relations. We anticipate being able to bring evidence of the results of these and other efforts to your attention in the near future.

Robin Ormerod
Founder & Managing Director



EnviroSuite presentation to mining delegation from Nevada, USA

Pacific Environment team members were invited by Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) to present EnviroSuite at a roundtable discussion to a trade delegation visiting Australia from Nevada in July.  The delegation included key representatives from the Nevada Mining Association, Newmont Mining Corporation, University of Nevada, Southern Nevada Water Authority and WaterStart.

Pacific Environment’s team members successfully presented relevant EnviroSuite features in line with business requirements of the delegation. A number of EnviroSuite’s capabilities were received well by the audience and further business opportunities are currently being pursued by Pacific Environment.

Matt Scholl speaking at American Exploration and Mining Association (AEMA) 2016 Annual Meeting

Following interest from the TIQ Nevada Trade Delegation, Matt Scholl  (General Manager – Technologies) will be speaking at the AEMA 2016 Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada. EnviroSuite will also be exhibited in a demo style setting, highlighting the technology’s extensive capabilities in Mining operations, at a booth in the exhibition hall of the AEMA 2016.

The title of Matt’s presentation is ‘Improve operational performance and manage environmental risks with innovative software – EnviroSuite’. The presentation will showcase how mining operators can make better planning decisions with the support of information provided by EnviroSuite. We anticipate interest from the audience regarding EnviroSuite’s application in mining using recent case studies as an example. EnviroSuite is currently implemented at BHP Billiton, Vale, Rio Tinto and Anglo-American mining operations internationally.

Matt will also be attending the 2016 Mine Expo International in Las Vegas Nevada on September 26-28. 

EnviroSuite to be exhibited at WEFTEC 2016

EnviroSuite will be exhibited at the 2016 Water Environment Foundation Conference (WEFTEC) in New Orleans (September 24-28) in live demos at a booth in the exhibition hall. WEFTEC is the biggest meeting of its kind in North America and offers thousands of water quality professionals from around the world the chance to network and showcase new and emerging water technologies.

EnviroSuite’s booth is placed near the large USEPA booth and other important governing bodies in international water. Both EnviroSuite’s Water Module and Odour Management tool will be showcased at the event on a large screen at the booth.

Adrian Zammit presenting EnviroSuite at IWA World Water Congress and VietWater

Adrian Zammit (General Manager – Australasia) will be presenting EnviroSuite’s capabilities in both Odour and Water at the IWA World Water Congress in Brisbane, Australia and the VietWater conference in Saigon, Vietnam.

Both events provide an international stage for new and emerging technologies in Water Management. EnviroSuite’s applications in Surface Water Management and Wastewater Odour Management will be presented at both events.

Pacific Environment’s presence at VietWater comes by invitation from the Australian Water Association (AWA) after presenting to Vietnamese trade delegates at OzWater 16 in Melbourne. EnviroSuite will also presented in live demos to delegates and conference attendees at official exhibition hall booths at both events.

Recently, there has been extensive involvement of the World Bank in Vietnam due to rapid commercial development occurring close to regional water supplies. This has provided an ideal opportunity for water efficiency technologies such as EnviroSuite’s Water Module to be implemented in order to benefit large scale operations and communities by providing transparency of water quality impact.

Read Adrian Zammit’s Insight on the universal ‘need to create a ‘Digital Water Network’  here.

GRAL use for WestConnex project and presentation to user group in Graz, Austria

Pacific Environment’s Air Quality Team has conducted the first major application of the GRAL (Graz Lagrangian Model) air quality modelling system in Australia. The GRAL system is an Austrian meteorological and dispersion model that is designed for road transport studies, and includes specific components for micro-scale modelling of road tunnel portals. GRAL was used by Pacific Environment to deliver three stages of air quality impact assessments for the WestConnex project in Sydney.

Subsequently, Pacific Environment’s Air Quality experts have given a presentation highlighting use of the GRAL system for the WestConnex Project to a user group workshop in Graz, Austria. After successful use of the system our team has discovered potential business cases for GRAL across upcoming infrastructure projects both domestically and internationally.

Damon Roddis and Paul Boulter at World Clean Air Congress (WCAC) in South Korea

On August  29 – September 2 , Damon Roddis (National Practice Leader – Air) and Dr Paul Boulter (Principal Consultant – Air) spoke at the WCAC in Busan, South Korea. With the aim to facilitate new business opportunities in Infrastructure, Damon and Paul highlighted their ground-breaking work for the WestConnex project as an example in both of their presentations.

Both Damon and Paul gave separate presentations in different session streams on the industry proven processes from their experience at the WestConnex Project to inform tunnel ventilation design in future infrastructure projects. 

Read our in-house economist, Kapil Kulkarni’s Insight on valuing economic impacts correctly here.

Chaim Kolominskas speaking at Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring Conference (WWEM) in UK

Chaim Kolominskas (Business Development Manager – Technologies) will be speaking at WWEM in Telford, England. WWEM is a focused event for companies and individuals who are involved with water, wastewater and environmental monitoring. Ton van Harreveld (CEO – Odournet) and Nick Jones (Odour Expert – Odournet) from Pacific Environment’s European partner Odournet will also be in attendance.

As Project Manager for EnviroSuite’s Thames Water Project, Chaim will be showcasing EnviroSuite’s application in Odour Management for the Wastewater Industry using its success at Thames Water as an example case study. We anticipate there will be significant interest from local and international wastewater operations.

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