Pacific Environment report published by ACARP

The Australian Coal Industry’s Research Program, ACARP,  has published a report authored by Pacific Environment’s Judith Cox and Greer Laing entitled,  “Mobile Sampling of Dust Emissions from Unsealed Roads”.  Dust from wheel-generated dust is often the largest source of dust emissions from mining operations hence controlling dust emissions from haul roads and the level of control that can be achieved  is critical for mining sites complying with environmental regulatory requirements.

A key requirement of the Pollution Reduction Program, introduced by NSW EPA in 2013, is the ability to demonstrate a fugitive dust reduction of 80% on active haul roads. Thanks to REX (Road Emissions Expert), a mine-ready mobile measurement vehicle, it is now possible to effectively quantify and control dust emission reductions within the allowable limits.  This report provides a detailed analysis based on field data of the effectivity of REX in quantifying wheel-generated fugitive haul road emissions.

Please contact Judith Cox or Greer Laing at our Sydney office for a copy of the report.



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