Pacific-Environment combines services with Waste-Solutions

Pacific Environment is now home to Waste Solutions Australia (WSA).
Pacific Environment specialises in air quality and meteorology, licencing and approvals, environmental management and training, noise and vibration, and carbon and climate. WSA, a well-established company specialises in hydrogeology, contaminated land, solid waste and landfill gas services. Together the group offers a more comprehensive set of skills and technology.

Paul Smith, founder of WSA and Robin Ormerod, founder of Pacific Environment together bring 50+ years of experience to the group and will continue to work together providing the best outcome for the company’s clients. Both Paul and Robin recognise the importance of diversifying the skills and capabilities of the company for existing as well as new clients.

The WSA team is moving into Pacific Environment’s South Brisbane premises located on Melbourne Street in South Brisbane.

Contact Bill Haylock for more information at bill.haylock@pacific-environment .com

Phone: +617 3004 6400