2016 was a fantastic year for Pacific Environment’s involvement in the Wastewater sector. Here is an update of some of our key projects and studies.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say that we look forward to working with you in 2017!

Yours Truly,
The Pacific Environment Team

EnviroSuite technology implemented at Thames Water in London

Our most significant work in 2016 with the wastewater treatment industry included the implementation of EnviroSuite for a major water utility company in the UK to provide a solution to enable preventive odour management.

This water utility company faced a situation where there has been residential encroachment around wastewater treatment plants over long periods resulting in a significant odour complaints situations. To manage plant performance a lot of data, including real-time monitoring data, was being collected. However, data evaluation and systems were mainly focused on historical performance providing little information for pro-active odour management.

To improve this EnviroSuite was implemented at two plants to provide real-time interpretation of real-time data as a decision support tool to drive improved performance in odour management.
The main elements of the EnviroSuite solution adopted were:



Key benefits of the EnviroSuite solution for include:

  1. Real-time interpretation of real-time monitoring data in combination with analysis tools providing information for rapid response to emerging issues and the ability to identify potential issues in advance, so they can be avoided.
  2. Reduced impacts on the community.
  3. Reduced plant operation costs. Odour control units can be run at lower costs when impacts can be avoided and cost savings are being achieved on deferral of future investments based improved odour performance reducing the need for additional odour control.
  4. More efficient, confident  and cost effective odour complaints investigations.
  5. Improved environmental compliance.

We are currently in discussions with several Australian water authorities regarding providing similar services. These discussions also cover angles of smart city applications which EnviroSuite is an ideal platform for.


Pacific Environment Limited changes name to EnviroSuite Limited

In December 2016,  Pacific Environment Limited announced a re-branding of the public company to a new name, EnviroSuite Limited. The new company name, EnviroSuite (ASX:EVS), is an extension of the organisation’s key product offering; an environmental monitoring and analytical software as a service distributed under the same name.

In light of the name change, all Australasian operations of EnviroSuite Limited will continue to operate under the name ‘Pacific Environment’ with little change to current branding.