The US election reminds us that the world is an uncertain place. The President-elect has promised to shake things up. People around the world now wonder what that means for them. What does it mean for EnviroSuite in the US market? Here are some thoughts that help to answer that question.

The US presidency is designed to limit power. The US constitution is built around the concept of empowering the people and not a single person. The term ‘president’ was originally devised to indicate a relative lack of power, as opposed to ‘king’ or ‘prime minister’, etc. Evidence of the difficulties faced by many presidents over the years in passing items through Congress is easy to find.

Party allegiances cannot be relied on in passing legislation. There are many instances of political drift between parties on the floor of the US Congress over contentious matters. Given that Donald Trump has shaken and stirred his own party to reach the White House, it can be expected that not all will be plain sailing for him in Congress, even on the Republican side.

Federal & State Legislation

Federal environmental legislation is deeply embedded in the US. A Republican president, Richard Nixon, established the US Environmental Protection Agency in 1970 and it has remained an international leader in policy and regulation through successive presidencies of both parties.

Emerging Federal and State programs around Environmental Justice are about better empowering many of the very people who decided the outcome of this election. While administrations can appoint new leaders and promote different policies at EPA, it is difficult to see how the organisation would be seriously imperilled. It would appear that any significant policy changes might affect the regulation of greenhouse gases, something of no direct concern to EnviroSuite. This could in fact prolong the life of many polluting industries that would benefit from EnviroSuite.

State governments are very significant in the US matrix of power and in environmental legislation. Our early entree to the US is pointing us to California and other states where there is strong state-level support for environmental programs relevant to EnviroSuite. Such programs provide a bulwark against any potential weakening of programs at the Federal level.

EnviroSuite in the US

EnviroSuite is a business solution with a foundation in environmental management, but has relevance to all weather-sensitive businesses. The US has infamously volatile weather – intense storms, snow and ice, heatwaves – that can have a serious impact on business operations, quite independent of any environmental regulation. Providing accurate and convenient solutions to organisations that are weather-sensitive is a huge business in the US, and we will be playing a part in that market.

In summary, the sun rises, life goes on, and our plans for the US are unimpeded by the election outcome.


Robin Ormerod

Founder & Managing Director