Science & Innovation

Our credo is to consciously strive for continual improvement through innovative approaches and the application of scientific knowledge in dealing with our clients’ real-world issues. Innovation influences how we move forward with technology products, and how we work with our clients to find practical cost-effective solutions.

An integral part of the innovation enterprise is Research & Development. In the past year, we have increased the level of R&D activity to support the Technology group-particularly with regard to EnviroSuite 2.0. These efforts also support the Consulting group through research-based consulting projects and technical improvements that enhance the quality and efficiency of internal consulting processes.

Our long term objective is to develop and an enterprise-wide approach to innovation that stretches beyond the core and beyond new products, to a holistic approach that builds the capabilities for innovation everywhere in the company, hence driving business value.


The Science & Innovation team

Robin Ormerod, member of the Pacific Environment Limited Board

Robin Ormerod
Managing Director & Founder

Robin Ormerod is the Managing Director and co-Founder of Pacific Environment. Robin’s 35 years as an environmental consultant underpins the company’s active phase of business building and practice development. He has extensive expert witness experience in Australia and New Zealand, and is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (American Meteorological Society), the only CCM in the environmental consulting field in Australia. He is a Life Member of the Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand and is currently the Chair of its Modelling Special Interest Group (ModSIG).

Peter D'Abreton

Peter D’Abreton
Principal R&D Meteorologist

Peter is a Ph.D. meteorologist who has been a member of the Pacific Environment team since 2001. He is a founding member of the Office of Science & Innovation and plays a leading role in our atmospheric sciences capability.

Peter initially came up with early concepts for a proactive environmental management platform that has now evolved into our EnviroSuite technology. He plays a crucial role in weather forecasting, air quality modelling and data analysis across the Company. In aa leading role in our R&D program he has helped create improvements in the quality and competitiveness of Pacific Environment’s scientific output.

As a qualified meteorologist, he is a member of the American Meteorological Society and is currently Co-Deputy Chair of the Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand ‘s Modelling Special Interest Group (ModSIG).