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EnviroSuite_provides_environmental_perfromanceImproves environmental performance
AND drives efficiency gains
EnviroSuite-cloud-based-subscription-EnviroSuiteCloud-based subscription service model
eliminates on-site software and data issues
EnviroSuite-rapid-response-to-live-issuesRapid response
to live issues
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Decision support tool that maximises operational efficiency

EnviroSuite is a proactive environmental management system that combines real-time monitoring and predictive modelling with high resolution weather forecasting and automated data analysis to enable clients to maximise operational efficiencies whilst meeting or exceeding their regulatory compliance obligations.

It gathers real-time data from multiple sources into a single repository, providing display, instant analysis, automated reporting and alerts. It uniquely enables predictive environmental risk management, based on weather forecasts integrated via expert knowledge into operational guidance options based on predicted compliance risk indicators.

 A brief overview:



The EnviroSuite Process



Collects data
EnviroSuite can pull data from ANY measurement source or device. This could be a satellite, lidar, a weather station, an air quality monitor, a noise logger or data from a computer.
Converts raw data into environmental intelligence
EnviroSuite technology encodes raw data and applies state-of-the-science algorithms, providing information in real time.
Allows you to access the information you need
EnviroSuite’s modular functions allow you to access predictive, historical and real-time information when you need it, wherever you are.



EnviroSuite is focused on automating operational responses, providing management information. It helps diagnose root causes and automates management responses.

By providing instant analysis of conditions, EnviroSuite enables better planning and dynamic management of operations.

EnviroSuite’s new water module

EnviroSuite changes the way water utilities, communities and government departments access and use their environmental data. It delivers sophisticated, predictive and realtime knowledge in a simple, intuitive, portable interface. This allows you to plan and manage your water resources more effectively, saving time, money, and improving community health.

Click here to find out more about the new EnviroSuite Water Module.

The future of water resource management

EnviroSuite modules:


Customised Weather Forecasting

Customised weather forecasts designedto optimise operations at your location. Risk reports targeting operational and environmental issues, available on demand or delivered automatically by email and SMS.


Air Quality, Monitoring, Modelling and Forecasting

Advanced analytical tools designed to avoid or rapidly respond to developing issues. Automated reporting, SMS and email alerts to make management more efficient. Predicted, historical and real-time data accessible through an easy-to-use cloud-based interface.


Noise Monitoring, Modelling and Forecasting

A system designed to streamline management of noise issues in real-time. Efficient, smart interfaces for instant analysis. Forecasting to help manage avoidable impacts.


Complaints Management

Real-time analysis to quickly identify sources of odour, dust and noise complaints. Reports to help analyse issues, respond efficiently and save time and money.


Blast Management

Optimise blast fume and overpressure management with accurate forecast modelling and historical analysis. A leading product backed by the best science.


NGER & NPI Reporting

Automated calculation and reporting of NGER and NPI issues. Designed for efficiency, auditability and transparency, reduce reporting costs and improve quality.

EnviroSuite NPI-and-NGER-Reporting-Dashboard


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