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Acoustic Consulting

Noise and vibration from projects and activities can potentially impact on neighbours. Offensive noise can lead to community annoyance, complaints and regulator pressure. These factors have led to noise criteria and regulation becoming an established and obligatory part of environmental management.

Without effective advice, the resulting issues can result in breaches of operating conditions, complaints, and negative perception from the community. This can have serious financial and legal implications if not managed effectively, and can lead to significant downtime and revenue loss. 

By providing advice early on, we can help your organisation minimise environmental risks, improve process efficiency and minimise downtimes and negative impact on your operations and the environment.

Carefully devised acoustic assessment, modelling or monitoring solutions tailored to your operations will help you to achieve environmental compliance in a timely manner, manage operational and approvals risk, and mitigate future impacts. 

Noise Monitoring and Assessment 

Pacific Environment brings a wealth of experience in environmental noise and vibration assessment. We offer expertise across Pacific Environment’s key market areas and provide a high level of understanding of noise regulation locally and internationally.

Our acoustic consulting team specialises in the measurement, modelling, assessment and management of noise and vibration. We assist our clients by providing a range of services and capabilities, including:

  • Prediction and modelling of future impacts for assessment and project approval
  • Noise and vibration management for community and regulatory compliance
  • Construction management and mitigation
  • Noise control investigation
  • Noise and vibration measurement and monitoring solutions

Our team uses noise and vibration measurement tools and acoustic modelling software to efficiently solve complex acoustic problems and predict impacts.


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