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Air Quality Assessment & Meteorology

Pacific Environment is home to Australia’s largest and most experienced air quality consulting group.

For our clients this gives the benefits of leading expertise based on experience across a huge diversity of projects, including transport, mining, industrial and agricultural. We strive for innovative approaches that deliver quality results, reaching your objectives reliably and on time.

A foundation of the practice is strong expertise in two fundamental discipline areas:

Atmospheric science:
Essential for understanding the physical and chemical aspects of air quality

Providing focus on the activities and technologies relevant to air emissions

Consequently, our air quality and meteorology team has skills in all of the key areas required for competent air quality assessments, such as quantifying emissions, modelling plume dispersion, and developing air quality monitoring and mitigation strategies.

Our modellers have expertise in all of the common regulatory models (AERMOD, CALPUFF, TAPM) as well as a broad range of specialised models for advanced applications (e.g., regional airshed modelling, complex local flows using CFD).

In meteorology and climatology, the team includes recognised experts with experience ranging across forensic investigation of weather conditions for litigation, climate modelling and risk assessments, field programs and specialised forecasting, for example.

Australia’s largest group of Air Quality Consultants

Our senior consultants often act as expert witnesses in courts and tribunals, provide advice to regulatory bodies and corporations on specialist technical issues, and are engaged on research projects. Several of our team have senior regulatory experience, and this perspective supports government contracts.

Our services include:

  • Air Quality Modelling and Assessment
  • Odour and Dust Assessments
  • Applied Meteorology and Climatology
  • Emissions Estimation & Inventories
  • Pollution Reduction Programs
  • Process Design Optimisation
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting
  • Transport Emissions Assessment


Connect with our Air Quality Consultants today to improve your environmental performance.

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