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Ambient and Fugitive Emissions Monitoring

Ambient Monitoring

As an independent service provider, Pacific Environment designs and manages integrated ambient monitoring networks,  tailored to achieve optimal cost-benefit for each application. This involves identifying our client’s needs and drawing on the wide range of technical options available on the market – from low-cost sensor systems through to full standard compliance sites. When measuring meteorology and common criteria pollutants we follow relevant Australian and USEPA Reference and Equivalent methods. When measuring air toxics we use international best practice methods for HAPs, as appropriate.

Data recovery is critical for ambient monitoring project outcomes.  To avoid loss of data, we recommend using real-time data access, reports and alerts to minimise downtime if equipment or communications problems arise.

Fugitive Emission Monitoring

US EPA defines “fugitive emissions” as “those emissions which could not reasonably pass through a stack, chimney, vent, or other functionally-equivalent opening”. Monitoring and estimating fugitive emissions provide many technical challenges.

Pacific Environment has devised novel technologies such as ReX (Road Emissions Expert) for mobile monitoring of haul road dust emissions on mine sites, and techniques for other industries including coal seam gas, alumina, intensive livestock and metals production. We are highly experienced in quantifying area source emissions of odours and VOCs and developing emissions models, as well as addressing the effects of different area source sampling methods on calculated emission rates.

View a summary of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) policy regarding the consideration of fugitive emissions for the purpose of determining whether a source is major under the Clean Air Act (Act).


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