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Contaminated Land Assessment

Rapid response for quick turnaround

Whether you need a preliminary investigation, or a detailed site assessment we are here to help you. We work with our clients through all phases of the contaminated land due dilligence process.  

You may be interested in a contaminated land assessment if: 

  • You are a site owner who is prospectively looking at a long term leasing arrangement
  • You are wishing to transfer or lease of your property 
  • You require a preliminary site investigation in order to complete a development application (DA) or a submission to Council for a property development
  • Your property is undergoing a change in zoning or is being rezoned for a different use

Eliminate unknown risks now to move forward quickly

As part of the development consent, you may have to meet Council’s conditions. It’s possible that during the development there may be unexpected finds such as underground storage tanks or unknown fill materials. It is possible the site can be assessed for beneficial reuse onsite or offsite disposal.

Sale of a contaminated site can lead to potential legal issues and remediation costs if contamination is shown to be associated with former activities at the site.

This has potential liabilites for:

  • Land owners
  • Commercial land users
  • Industrial land users

Continued activities at a contaminated site may contribute to ongoing contamination sources and eventually migrate offsite and impact other sites.


With over 30 years of experience, we can help you with all aspects of contaminated land including soil, water and gas investigation, remediation and validation.

What happens if my site is contaminated?

If a preliminary and / or a detailed site assessment has determined that contamination is present at the site, remediation may be required. We will undertake the development of a remediation action and works plan. The final step is validation.

Remediation and validation allow confidence in the contamination status of a site at the time of sale or purchase. This will prevent future issues regarding accountability.

Asbestos issues? Our team has four licensed asbestos assessors and we can provide advice, strategies, methodologies and clearances for all asbestos contamination.

Our client focussed approach

We pride ourselves on rapid response to requests. As a client, you will be dealing with an individual consultant commited to your project’s needs, for the rest of its lifecycle. 

Pacific Environment can work with you at all stages of the project lifecycle including remediation and validation to ensure that all council issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Our Contaminated Land Assessment Team

We have over 30+ years experience in contaminated land assessment with many consultants specialising in specific areas such as asbestos, soils, groundwater and soil-gas.

We offer innovative, cost-effective solutions for clients including site  encapsulation, in-situ remediation, ‘cap and contain’ or a town-planning approach. 

Expertise in all aspects of contaminated land

We offer a broad range of services and facilitate all aspects of contaminated land including:

  • Soil
  • Water 
  • Gas investigation
  • Remediation 
  • Validation  
  • Human and environmental health risk assessments

Pacific Environment is a member of ACLCA

Pacific Environment is a proud member of the Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association (ACLCA).


Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association


Connect with our Contaminated Land Consultants today to improve your environmental performance.

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