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Groundwater Monitoring & Assessment

Groundwater resources play a significant and vital role in Australia’s mineral and exploration industry. Pacific Environment has extensive experience in hydrogeology and groundwater resource evaluation and has built a firm reputation within the mining and exploration sector. In addition, Pacific Environment also provides services to a range of clients where environmental and regulatory affairs are the principal driver.

Groundwater Resource & Hydrogeological Investigation Services include:

  • Groundwater resource evaluation and quality assessment
  • Strategic Design and Supervision of exploratory drilling programs
  • Interpretation and determination of groundwater body hydraulics
  • Numerical, Analytical and Conceptualised Hydrogeological Modelling
  • Investigation & Remediation of contaminated groundwater
  • Geological mapping and aquifer delineation, description and quality determination
  • Production well /groundwater/environmental monitoring bore design
  • Environmental groundwater monitoring scheme development
  • Geophysical investigations
  • Groundwater licensing and groundwater compliance
  • Groundwater feasibility studies
  • Groundwater interception systems
  • Groundwater litigation support & Groundwater Expert Witness testimony

Your operation and Groundwater

Groundwater management and policy decisions must be based on knowledge of past and current activities contributing to the contamination. In Australia, regulatory requirements to monitor and protect groundwater are state based. Breech of environmental conditions are unlawful, however regulatory authorities are keen to see proactive environmental management if issues arise during the course of environmental monitoring at facilities.

Groundwater contamination

Groundwater is water that occurs in pores and fractures in soil and rock below the watertable. Groundwater contamination occurs when substances spill on the ground or are dumped on land or into a body of surface water that then infiltrates into the ground.

Pesticides and fertilisers, toxic substances from mining sites, and used motor oil are examples of substances known to be present in groundwater. In addition, it is possible for untreated waste from septic tanks and toxic chemicals from underground storage tanks and leaky landfills to contaminate groundwater.

Where contamination is identified, the environmental values of the groundwater quality must be restored to its natural background concentration. The legacy of groundwater contamination can be a major burden because once groundwater is contaminated it is generally difficult and costly to remediate. Therefore, preventing groundwater contamination is the most practical way of protecting groundwater quality.

What Pacific Environment can do for our clients

Pacific Environment can help in identifying regulatory requirements, design an appropriate and cost effective monitoring system and undertake the routine monitoring if required. The combined experience of field staff will ensure the highest quality standards.

 With over 50 years of combined environmental experience in groundwater consulting, Pacific Environment’s staff are placed to be the leaders in groundwater monitoring, assessment and management.

Our scientists have a holistic understanding of groundwater, which is rooted in the conceptualisation of a groundwater resource. This brings together all facets that influence groundwater, including water chemistry, climate, surface waters, geology, and soils to develop an understanding that is uniquely Pacific Environment


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