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Landfill Gas Monitoring & Assessment

Landfill gas (LFG) can be an odour nuisance, an environmental pollutant, and a greenhouse gas contributing to global warming; or it can be viewed as a resource to generate electrical power.

Pacific Environment operates across the whole spectrum of these issues and opportunities to provide our clients with bespoke landfill gas and ground gas management services. Pacific Environment has a track record of consulting to Federal/local Government and Councils, operators, developers and regulators in this sector. We have one of the largest dedicated groups of practical landfill gas and air quality consultants in Australia, capable of supporting your organisation’s needs.

Our expertise and commitment means you can rest assured, knowing your project is in the right hands

Our Principal Consultant’s expertise in this field is recognised throughout the waste industry.  Our knowledge draws on local and international experience combining the practical aspects gas system design and operation with an in-depth understanding of regulatory and risk management requirements.

Pacific Environment landfill gas and Environmental Management specialists have worked throughout Australia, Pacific Rim and Europe on a wide projects and advisory services. These projects have been undertaken for both Government Agencies and private corporations. We maintain current knowledge and awareness of predicted changes that could affect our clients by continual involvement with regulatory bodies and industry associations

Our team offer services ranging from undertaking landfill gas assessments to remediation and monitoring. We always endeavour to assist our client’s comprehension of the evolving carbon regulations to help them meet their compliance obligations.

Our landfill gas consultants have unparalleled industry experience and specialise in understanding and managing landfill gas risk.  We are also leaders in air quality assessment and developing technology solutions for compliance and risk management. This expertise is backed with professional services across toxicology, hydrogeology, soil and biological sciences and waste management. This unique skill mix enables us to identify and quantify sources as well as provide total management solutions for landfill gas issues. Where a landfill has an odour issue or gas migration concern, we have the solutions.

Your operation will benefit from years of actual management experience across large number of international sites.

Our specialists, John Varcoe and Aidan Marsh both have operational experience in the waste industry and with landfill gas operators. This experience has been gathered throughout the project life cycle and given them a thorough understanding of how to bridge the gap between Client, regulators and contractors. We believe this gives Pacific Environment unique strengths and benefits to our Clients.

As experienced practitioners in the field Pacific Environment emphasises:

  • That we ensure client satisfaction with the service
  • Reliable, experienced project teams committed to excellence, innovation, and responsive to Client’s needs
  • Cost-effective approaches built on technologies that work
  • Deliverables that discharge Client’s obligations and manage long-term liabilities

Specialist Services in Landfill Gas Monitoring

Landfill gas monitoring may be undertaken to fulfil regulatory requirements and should also be considered essential for risk management. When conducted by experienced specialists monitoring programs can also be effective tools to assess performance and guide improvement in the effectiveness of gas management systems.

Our services cover all landfill compliance, best practice and risk management needs:

  • Landfill site assessment and monitoring
  • Landfill gas risk assessment and management plans
  • Surface monitoring can be an effective diagnostic tool to gather a special understanding of the integrity of caps and performance of the extraction system. Our surface monitoring services are undertaken consistent with regulatory requirements.
  • Subsurface perimeter monitoring is essential for gas control management and we have the required expertise to develop effective monitoring strategies to ensure migration risks are suitably managed.
  • Ambient air monitoring and community managementcan be employed where a landfills is the cause of ongoing odour compliant to both verify sources and quantify impacts. This is delivered our unique mix of air modelling engineers, meteorologists, toxicologist and LFG management specialists.
  • Extraction system monitoring servicesinclude data collection and analysis from individual well heads to overall system performance.  Providing third party oversight can ensure not only are environmental risks (like migration or landfill fire) are being suitably controlled but can also offer improved revenue returns from energy, carbon or royalty opportunities.

Act early and save money

Delaying action until community or regulatory pressure requires it can be costly. Numerous examples exist of the high cost of landfills failing to understand the complexity of landfill gas management.

The examples below highlight why it is essential to engage experienced Landfill gas practitioners, professionals who understand the functional limitations and possibilities of control systems:

Migration:  In 2008 the fire service directed the evacuation of a housing estate in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne as a result of methane migration from a small regional landfill.  That case eventually went to court with the final costs of remediation and litigation most likely in excess of $50 million. This event occurred despite the fact the landfill operated under a EPA licence, with landfill gas control systems in operation and monitoring programs in place.

Odour:  Managing community and regulatory perceptions can be an important reason to take proactive steps.  With air space running out one of Australia’s largest landfills had failed twice in seeking approval to expand  due to community resistance, particularly over odour concerns.  This decision directly impacted $100’s of millions in investment and permanently damaged community perceptions.

With over three decades of landfill gas management experience across more than 100 landfills, our landfill gas consultants have unparalleled industry experience and specialise in understanding and managing landfill gas risk.


Connect with our Landfill Gas Consultants today to improve your environmental performance.

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