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Nanotechnology is purported to have the potential to deliver more change than the Industrial Revolution with major industrial impacts and substantial benefits.

The increasing production and use of nanomaterials means that the potential for human and environmental exposure will be a growing and important concern. Whilst the development and application of nanotechnologies has advanced at a significant pace, knowledge on the human health and environmental effects has lagged considerably behind, so that scientific uncertainties and knowledge gaps still exist in this area.

Our team at Pacific Environment have significant research experience in nanotoxicology with an established track record of peer reviewed publications. Pacific Environment experts keep informed of developments in national and international regulations concerning nanotechnology, and are therefore uniquely positioned within the Australian marketplace to provide expert advice to support organisations understand the health and safety issues associated with their use. Using our specialist knowledge we can assist clients throughout the complete lifecycle of nanomaterials from the safe by design stage, risk management during use, to ultimate disposal.


Whether you are:

  • a sunscreen, cosmetics or paint manufacturer planning to manufacture a nanomaterial and interested in understanding the regulatory frameworks that may apply in order to manage the risks associated with manufacture, use and disposal of your nanomaterial;
  • a company wanting to register a nanomaterial or a product containing a nanomaterial with a statutory authority;
  • a government agency wishing to review the current state of knowledge regarding the manufacture, use, and disposal of nanomaterials to inform a regulatory initiative; or
  • a waste treatment company reviewing its protocols to include strategies for nanomaterials
  • requiring a human health, OHS or ecological risk assessment of your materials,

We can help you achieve the approvals or information that you require on time. Our nanotoxicologists are supported by over 50 other specialist scientists who have extensive experience with recognised existing hazardous materials (eg. particulate matter, silica, asbsestos fibre) can assist industry and government agencies make informed decisions based on the best scientific evidence by producing easily understood, peer-reviewed reports delivered on time.


Connect with our Nanotoxicology Consultants today to improve your environmental performance.

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