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ReX Mobile Dust Monitoring

Wheel-generated dust is a major source of dust emissions from unsealed roads at mining/quarrying operations and represents a significant cost to your business through:

  • Increased maintenance of haul roads
  • Increased rolling resistance
  • Increase in fuel costs
  • Reduced tyre life
  • Increased downtime in equipment

Improve operating efficiency by reducing emissions from your haul roads

To improve your operating efficiency it is essential to ensure that emissions from your haul roads are reduced as far as practicable. Previous methods to determine the effectiveness of management measures to control dust emissions have been dependent on operator feedback, or test methods which are severely limited in their ability to determine the considerable variability in dust emissions that exist across a road network or ground-level operational plumes.

(Road Emissions eXpert) ReX is a highly-durable, mobile solution to determine the effectivness of dust management measures

It is designed to measure the control efficiency of the entire road network with no interruption to operations. ReX can be used to gather data on dust generated by heavy- duty and light-duty vehicle movements and can be installed on the tray of any suitable utility vehicle.

A modified version – T-ReX (Transect – Road Emissions eXpert) – is able to measure the effectiveness of control procedures for activities such as material movement with limited operational interaction.

Benefits of using ReX Mobile Dust Monitoring for wheel-generated dust:

  • Non-invasive system
  • Highly mobile
  • Continue day-to-day operations with no downtime
  • Entirely site-specific monitoring
  • Maps data simply with GPS signals
  • ‘Hotspot’ identification
  • Operational improvements
  • Highlight cost improvements

Pacific Environment was the first to use and pioneer mobile dust monitoring technology in Australia.

Since then, ReX has been used to sample more locations than any other mobile dust monitoring technology in Australia. ReX is the only dust monitoring tool to have the ‘Hotspot’ plotting tool.


ReX Roadside Emissions Expert Vehicle. Note the image in the header is T-ReX

Previous Projects with ReX/T-ReX Mobile Dust Monitoring & Sampling

  • Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP) research project C20023 ‘Mobile Sampling of Dust Emissions from Unsealed Roads’.
  • ACARP research project C20027 ‘Development of Australian Specific Emission Factors for Coal Mines’.
  • Determination of control efficiency at numerous coal mines in NSW in response to NSW EPA Pollution Reduction Program requiring demonstration of 80% control efficiency on active haul roads.
  • Contemporaneous sampling of seven different dust suppression products in a single day to allow comparison of effectiveness under the same operating conditions.
  • Haul road trials at numerous mines in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. These trials determined the most effective products for dust abatement and recognised operational improvements worth millions of dollars a year for each mine.
  • Field trials to determine the effectiveness of a range of control measures for overburden handling dust control to provide an industry-wide response to the NSW EPA PRP ‘Particulate Matter Control Best Practice – Trial of Best Practice Measures for Disturbing and Handling Overburden’.


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