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Solid Waste Management

Waste production is an inevitable consequence of any activity and our services are aimed at delivering benefit across all aspects of its management. Pacific Environment can advise on how to minimise waste generation at the front end through to properly managing its disposal where no other beneficial reuse option exists.

If not considered holistically, from the point of generation to the legacy issues following disposal, poor waste management impacts both municipal communities and industry with high costs that must be passed on to the ratepayer or consumer and will also pose unacceptable environmental risk.  Our services can provide solutions to these issues at any stage in the waste management life cycle.

The cost of a landfill may be in the order of several thousands to several hundreds of thousands of dollars per waste cell. The establishment of a new major landfill facility can be millions of dollars. The life of a landfill may be greater than 40 years and the active production of leachate and landfill gas may continue for up to 50 years post closure, which therefore extends across generations. Poor practices that allow contamination to escape the landfill and enter the environment may pose health problems well into the future. Poor management practices that can lead to the premature filling of waste cells and therefore the cost of constructing new cells, or the early closure of the landfill requiring the development of a new landfill facility altogether. These costs will have to be passed on to future businesses and communities.

Waste Management Services

Pacific Environment provides services across all aspects of waste management, from assisting industry with special waste needs to working with  local councils to improve municipal solid waste management. Our experience includes:

  • Advice to maximise resource recovery and minimise environmental and economic risk, including energy from waste, compost systems, carbon foot printing and life cycle assessment.
  • Contaminated material remediation and management, validation and disposal advice
  • Waste auditing – kerbside to landfill and reviewing client waste audit data
  • Landfill planning including tendering and procurement advice, environmental management plans, impact assessment and design.
  • Landfill monitoring and risk management including specialist expertise in gas, leachate, groundwater, odour, dust and toxicology
  • Landfill closure and rehabilitation plans, including specialist expertise in alternative cap designs such as phytocapping, consideration of special end uses and ecological settings

Other essential benefits of the services we offer are:


Regulatory compliance


Risk Management


Cost Control


Environmental Benefit


Social Amenity


Intergenerational Equity

Our senior staff have more than 60 years combined experience in waste management and are well respected across the waste industry.

We also maintain an extensive network of contacts who are leaders throughout the national and international waste industry.  We provide industry leading expertise in landfill gas and site management, site rehabilitation (including innovative capping solutions and closure plans) and environmental risk management.  Our understanding of waste management covers the full cycle from generation and collection to recovery and safe disposal. 

Our staff have also worked across more than 70 landfills throughout Australia and abroad. 

Apart from our extensive waste experience our risk and environmental management capabilities are further enhanced by our industry leading expertise in air impact assessment and toxicology. Pacific Environments in-house technology team can tailor an air quality monitoring system to your specific site requirements to ensure best practice standards are met.


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