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Surface Water

Surface water occurs as streams, lakes, and wetlands, bays and oceans as well as the solid forms of water; i.e., snow and ice. There is an interrelationship between surface and groundwater and contamination assessments are designed taking both into account. Our experts also  understand that the hydrological cycle is complex and includes precipitation, evaporation and transpiration.

Practical applications for your project

Pacific Environment offers a bespoke surface water consulting and monitoring service to assist public authorities and the private sector meet their ever demanding water resources requirements.  We assist our clients in developing and implementing water management programs required by legislation to protect the aquatic ecosystems that are vital for the long term sustainability of Australia’s freshwater systems. At all phases of a project lifecycle, we work with our clients to ensure compliance in meeting their environmental obligations, and in many cases we work to improve performance through gains in operational efficiencies.

Surface Water Consulting Services

With our in depth scientific expertise, extensive knowledge of Australia’s surface water environment and relevant environmental legislation, Pacific Environment offers tailored solutions in the following areas:

  • Surface water management in CSG and mining
  • Water quality and mixing zone/ hydrodynamic modelling
  • REMP design and water quality, sediment and macroinvertebrate (AUSRIVAS) sampling and monitoring
  • Wastewater disposal by irrigation to land modelling (MEDLI) and management
  • Ecotoxicological assessments and other specialist environmental advice
  • Watercourse health, flows and hydrological assessment, remediation and management
  • Advise and Management of Dewatering Programs
  • Water resource planning, allocations and management
  • Regulatory approvals and advice

Ensure you are not in breach of your environmental obligations and avoid significant financial ramifications.

Any of the above services are used at various stages in a project’s lifecycle including exploration, development, operations, and closure/ remediation. Proponents of projects are required by legislation to protect the environmental values associated with surface water and therefore are required to undertake a number of scientific assessments to understand how their activities have the potential to impact the surface water environment, find ways to eliminate or mitigate these identified impacts, and then implement a surface water monitoring and reporting program by which the environmental regulator can assess the project’s impacts on the surface water environmental values. While our skill set in surface water can now accommodate all of these assessments and monitoring requirements, PE can now also offer highly specialised surface water assessments including predictive water quality and mixing zone modelling, MEDLI modelling for the sustainable disposal of wastewater by irrigation to land, and ecotoxicological studies.

Improve your company’s performance through gains in operational efficiencies.

Keep your project on track, on budget

Pacific Environment’s team has ample experience in the mining and CSG industries in Queensland, as well as in regulatory compliance, reporting and liaison. We also have previous experience in flood modelling and water resources modelling and compliance.

we have a team of specialist water quality consultants that can assess water quality against relevant national, state and locally-derived guidelines.


Connect with our Surface water Consultants today to improve your environmental performance.

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