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Dr. Adrian Zammit: ‘Water infrastructure projects must be supplemented by major investment’

BEN Global has featured a story on the Australian Government's proposed $2 Billion Water Infrastructure plan with comment from Dr. Adrian Zammit.

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Insight: Artificial intelligence; the future of our freshwater

This insight into Artificial Intelligence and the future of of our freshwater was written by Dr. Adrian Zammit after attending the AWA OZ Water 16 Conference in Melbourne.

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Managing treated effluent for crop production in agribusiness

Insight: Managing treated effluent for crop production

As water supply security becomes an increasing issue worldwide with concomitant rise in the cost of water supply, business owners, policy makers and environmentalists are pushing for ways by which water can be recycled into beneficial uses.

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Insight: Is current monitoring of our water resources effective?

Effective monitoring of our water resources is an essential part of public and community health, but how is it currently being undertaken? More importantly, how effective are these techniques? Our resident surface water expert, Dr. Adrian Zammit, finds out.

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