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Deanna Tuxford

Deanna Tuxford Principal Consultant

Deanna Tuxford is an environmental consultant with more than 20 years experience in leading and managing teams providing scientific studies and environmental assessments. Deanna has demonstrated success in project management, delivering studies for air, terrestrial and marine environs for a variety of industry, business and government clients. On a technical level, Deanna has focussed her work attention in the area of air quality for the past 15 years.

Her experience includes coordinating and managing a suite of air quality modelling and assessment projects, review and assessment of environmental approvals, the development and implementation of environmental management plans, and the development, negotiation and implementation of air quality policy, guidelines and standards.

Prior to practicing as a consultant, Deanna was a member of the state government’s Air Quality Management Branch (1997-2006), coordinating the development and implementation of the Perth Air Quality Management Plan and its associated initiatives, strategies and programs.

While not a coffee or tea drinker, Deanna stills likes to catch-up for “coffee” to check in with collegues and clients.