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Adam King

Adam King Senior Hydrogeologist

Adam King is a Hydrogeologist that specialises in the assessment of complex hydrological processes using hydrochemistry, isotopes and physical properties (i.e. water levels, geological structure etc.). His six years of industry experience is complemented by four years of research at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, which culminated in the successful completion of his PhD in early 2014. During his PhD, he conducted a comprehensive chemical and isotopic evaluation of rainwater, surface water and groundwater to assess hydrological processes in an alluvial aquifer system. Of particular interest to Adam was the identification of: (1) mixing between surface water and groundwater; and (2) bedrock seepage to the alluvium. Adam successfully published two journal articles and several conference papers in the course of his PhD.

Adam joined the Pacific Environment team early in 2014 and he has applied his skills to the evaluation of conceptual hydrogeological models, the assessment make good deeds, the implementation and design of baseline monitoring programs, and compliance monitoring of surface water and groundwater. He is currently assessing make good deeds and initiating baseline groundwater monitoring programs for the proposed Carmichael Mine in the Galilee Basin.

In addition to his hydrogeological work, Adam is preparing to become a father and is working on his deplorable home-handyman skills.