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Kapil Kulkarni

Kapil Kulkarni Senior Environmental Economist

Kapil is Pacific Environment’s in-house economist and has 8 years of experience providing economic and financial consulting services in a range of sectors. He helps clients to understand the economic and financial impacts of environment policies, projects and technologies. He has expertise in translating environmental impacts into economic terms. He can assist Pacific Environment’s clients with understanding the economic cost of environmental impacts, cost benefit analysis of environmental policies, pricing and valuing risk, assessing the impacts of government policy and assessing the costs and benefits of mitigating environmental impacts.

He has experience across a broad range of areas including air pollution, waste, energy, greenhouse gases, renewable energy, energy efficiency, water, biodiversity and agriculture. His work has contributed to a number of federal and state government policy reviews including reviews of air quality standards, waste policy options and license fees for polluting industries. He has also advised private sector clients on the economic costs of pollution and the benefits of abatement technologies.

He has a passion for the environment sector because it constantly requires new and innovative approaches to valuation. He strives to understand his clients’ perspectives, and provide analysis and advice that are specifically tailored to the problem at hand.

He is currently completing a Master of Economics at the University of New England. Outside of work Kapil enjoys keeping fit and trying his hand at different hobbies, but spends most of his free time these days chasing after his two girls at the playground or pool.