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Patrick Mason

Patrick Mason Environmental Consultant

Patrick Mason is an environmental scientist who specialises in groundwater. He entered the environmental industry in 2006 with Waste Solutions Australia Pty Ltd (now Pacific Environment) after obtaining a Bachelor of Environmental Science. Since then, Patrick has built up extensive experience in the investigation and management of groundwater issues. Areas of expertise include groundwater monitoring program design, bore installation, and routine groundwater monitoring. A component of this work he excels at is conceptual groundwater model development, with keen interest in multifaceted hydrogeological environments. He has also been involved with the design and installation of in and ex-situ treatment systems for contaminated groundwater remediation.

With a holistic approach to environmental science, Patrick appreciates the complex interaction of climate, soils, geology, and surface water on groundwater and brings this knowledge to the groundwater field.

Patrick has a spiritual connection with the environment, though a love of bushwalking and camping. He chose to work in this field at a young age, to give back to the environment and make a positive contribution to humanity.