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Ross Lawrence

Ross Lawrence Senior Consultant

Ross Lawrence is a Principal Consultant with Pacific Environment and was previously a senior environmental scientist with Waste Solutions Australia and a Technical Coordinator with CQ Waste.  Ross has been active in  contaminated land  and solid waste management for the 11 years since graduating from Griffith University with the Technology Medal for Environmental Technology. Ross has presented papers at conferences, lectured at the university level in contaminated land subjects and drafted numerous reports for companies large and small, regulators and property owners(?). His approach to remediation projects provides a multidiciplinary solution and demonstrates his ability to work with specialists in other areas of the waste and contaminated land discipline.

Ross has many personal interests, with a past in aero-mechanical trades and a strong interest in alternative energy systems.  He visits facilities related to these interests and was particularly impressed with the closed loop system  at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery, where virtually all input materials for the brewing and distilling of rum are recycled for beneficial reuse. It’s little known that Australian brewers are some of the most energy, water and waste efficient in the world.

Ross’s has a strong interest in combining aspects of bio-remediation, phyto-remediation and soil science to provide economical remediation of brownfield sites. Where these sites are part of the urban footprint, the final use is often residential, requiring the achievement of the highest standard of remediation. Rural sites may instead require the restoration of ecological values consistent with the natural landscape.