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Samuel Oswald

Samuel Oswald Environmental Consultant

Samuel Oswald is a graduate consultant primarily working in the NSW office, having joined the company in may 2014. Prior to joining Pacific Environment, Samuel studied Environmental Science at Macquarie University, graduating in 2013.

Samuel Oswald is primarily involved in a variety of Pacific Environment’s monitoring works, including the maintenance of equipment and of data recovery across a number of ambient monitoring networks, as well as conducting ad-hoc monitoring campaigns in the air quality and noise sectors. He is additionally experienced in the operation of Pacific Environment’s Road Emissions eXpert (REX) and other instrumentation.

Samuel has a keen interest in sports and the outdoors (which is handy when you’re often out in the field). He’s previously worked an assortment of unconventional jobs, including as a billboard-pulling cyclist, a wedding DJ, and as an english teacher in Argentina.

Over the next year, Samuel will continue to work across a variety of  new and ongoing projects in the monitoring sector of the business.