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Sean Lam

Sean Lam Environmental Engineer

Sean Lam is an Environmental Engineer, specialising in air quality modelling, monitoring and management. Sean joined the Pacific Environment in 2012. He completed his PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry in 2010 from University of Western Australia where he developed an explicit atmospheric model to characterise the air quality in the Western Australian airshed.

Since joining, Sean has worked on numerous air quality impact assessment projects, focussing on monitoring, emissions estimation, dispersion modelling and large database management. Sean has experience in applying and tailoring numerous air dispersion software models in both the Australian and international contexts, including AUSPLUME, AERMOD, CALPUFF, SLAB, TAPM as well as the more specialised models including the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model and Model coupled with Master Chemical Mechanism (MCM). Sean works closely with the Office of Science and Innovation (OSI) to deliver challenging projects, including using the principles of Data mining to investigate long-term monitoring data.

Sean also has extensive experience as an air quality management researcher in south east Asia, including an international posting in Sri Lanka and post-doc in Hong Kong. During his time in Asia, Sean conducted numerous air quality assessments to determine the health impacts of school-age children and tailor photochemical model for Hong Kong and South China. While Sean is not working on model development, he enjoys playing basketball, golf and bike riding on roads less travel.