Vianna Tran

Vianna Tran Client Support Manager

Vianna Tran is the Client Support Manager for the Technologies business unit.

Vianna joined Pacific Environment in 2011 after completing her honours degree in chemical engineering. Her first job position in Pacific Environment was as an Environmental Engineer for the Queensland Consulting business unit. Vianna was part of the Consulting business unit for over three years. During this period she played an important role in a range of projects including the development of emissions inventories, greenhouse gas assessment studies, NPI and NGERs reporting and air dispersion modelling.

In 2014, Vianna made the leap across to the Technologies group at Pacific Environment from the Brisbane Consulting team. As the Client Support Manager for the Technologies business unit, Vianna’s role is to pro-actively engage with and support Pacific Environment’s global Technology clients. Vianna is passionate about getting results for the Technology clients and acts as the representative of the client within Pacific Environment. Vianna will own the relationship with the client from User Acceptance Testing onwards for the lifetime of the client contract.