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Innovative N02 monitoring solution

Pacific Environment has been working with this leading mining company for many years assisting them in gaining environmental approvals for their facility and advising on appropriate dust abatement strategies.

Due to current constraints in the local power supply a temporary power supply is needed to support these operations. This site requires the Temporary Power Station to operate for up to five years and will be seeking an operating licence for this period. The WA DER required that the client initiate a boundary monitoring program for NO2 to be part of the management plan for operating the power station. Their goal was to operate the temporary power station for five years during which time a more permanent power supply will be sourced.

The Solution

Pacific Environment’s monitoring team ensured that the boundary monitoring was initiated, in compliance with the DER requirement.

To reduce costs, the Pacific Environment team sourced an innovative and entirely new NO2 monitor that was used for the first time in Australia.

This monitor is small, cheap, easily serviced and has a fast response time which is exactly what the client needed.  Furthermore the monitor is powered by a battery that is charged with solar panels.




The Results

We managed to install the units and have them validated against a monitor with Australian Standards. This was to prove  their reliability and accuracy for a fraction of the cost of other monitors.  The data is also fed directly into EnviroSuite so the client is provided with SMS and email alerts of excursions and web viewable wind arcs and concentrations.

Pacific Environment will continue to do ongoing maintenance of the N02 monitoring units and monitor EnviroSuite.