We are pleased to provide an update on the Thames Water project where EnviroSuite is currently progressing through a commercial trial of the software platform.

Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and wastewater services company with 15 million customers. The initial announcement of the Project Win was made on 15 March 2016 which included EnviroSuite’s implementation at two key sites.

Comments from Pacific Environment’s UK Manager and Project leader for Thames Water, Chaim Kolominskas

“EnviroSuite’s project for Thames Water is proceeding on schedule and on budget. Implementation at two wastewater treatment plants has now been completed and results from the system will now be collected and evaluated to determine how the system
could best be applied to other similar facilities to achieve maximum benefits. Initial feedback from Thames Water has been positive and several interesting opportunities for generation of ongoing value to the business have been identified.” – Chaim Kolominskas

Comments from Managing Director, Robin Ormerod

“The Thames Water project is the most significant EnviroSuite opportunity in the Company’s history. Water Authorities are a critical part of each metropolitan area globally and monitoring, managing and reporting on their impact on human health and
amenity is core interest for the authorities, regulators and the communities that they are ultimately accountable to. EnviroSuite provides a quantum step forward in the approach to management and reporting and we are tremendously excited about the
prospect for global roll-out of our platform.” – Robin Ormerod