We are pleased to announce that it has signed an international contract for EnviroSuite with one of the world’s largest multinational mining and metals corporations to cover an integrated nickel mining and processing facility in Indonesia. It is the first sale of EnviroSuite to this client, and was made through a third party consulting group based in South East Asia.

The main use of the system will be to improve the management of sulphur dioxide emissions from the facility and its impact on nearby communities. These emissions have the potential to cause problems where high concentrations of sulphur dioxide and other emissions may impact the nearby communities, especially under adverse weather conditions.

EnviroSuite can enable the operations to minimise and manage air quality impacts by using forecast and real-time information to guide operational plans ahead of high-risk periods. It can also assess how operations are performing in real-time by incorporating alerts on how to respond if the risk of impacts increases during a shift.

Under the contract, the client will have access to EnviroSuite’s extensive suite of monitoring and modelling modules

  • Monitoring module for real-time meteorological and air quality status,
  • Modelling module for predictive and risk management operations,
  • Modelling module for Forecast and Real-time Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) Modelling , and
  • Incident Investigation (Complaints module for community engagement)


Each module will generate monthly software-as-a-service (SaaS) fees for Pacific Environment.

Commenting on this new client win, Peter White, CEO of Pacific Environment, said:

“EnviroSuite is gaining international recognition for the vital insights it delivers to help companies reach operational and regulatory goals, as well as providing essential transparency for community relations. This win is particularly pleasing as it adds a new multinational to our extensive list of clients including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, and Anglo American, and was performed through a third party consultancy. It serves as another strong endorsement of the platform”.